Calendar & Dates

Use the Calendar and Manage Dates tools to visualise and set due dates for your course events and content. 

The Calendar tool lets you manage events and availability of assessment objects and other content in your space. You can use iCal to synchronize the Calendar tool to your personal calendars (such as Outlook and Google Calendar, as well as iPhone, Android, and Blackberry).

Availability events determine the visibility and due dates of unit objects in the Calendar tool. You can set due dates for unit objects, edit, and delete availability events directly from the Calendar tool. You can create multiple events for the same unit object, and include details of presenters, location, and a seating chart for the event.

The Manage Dates tool allows you to view and change the availability dates for a variety of different tools including Content, Discussions, Assessment Dropbox, Grades, News and Quizzes from one central location.