Assessment Dropbox

Consolidating all aspects of assessment and submission online.


The Assessment Dropbox tool facilitates the submission of student assessment online either as individuals or in groups. Assessment Dropbox Folders can be created and associated with relevant assessment pieces and their due dates, allowing students to quickly and easily submit their work within VU Collaborate.

Once assignments are submitted, you can view them online, download them, check submission times, enter a score, add qualitative feedback, and return submissions with comments, all via the evaluation option within the Dropbox tool.

You can also check for potential cases of plagiarism by enabling Turnitin, which will check each student submission against vast databases of previous student submissions, journal articles and other web references.

Each Assessment Dropbox Folder submissions area allows for the easy filtering or searching of student work. For example, it is possible to search through users' submitted files by first or last name etc.

It is also possible to withhold final grades by leaving feedback in ‘Draft’ mode. Feedback can then be released in bulk to students once evaluation has been finalised.